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Eco-Vac is a central built vacuum transport system for granulated material.

The system has been developed and supplied to the industry for more than
25 years.

Production, installation and maintenance with own staff gives high reliability.
Eco-Vac is very competitive in applications when high capacity and dustfree
installations are required

Vacuum hopper loader

Availible in models: MT-41 (10 liters) MT-51 (20 liters) MT-5140 (40 liters) Optional numbers can be connected to the same system.

Central filter

​Mounted between vacuum pump and vacuum hopper loader. Filter media in sintered polyethylene 0,9 m2. Cleaning of filters with reversed airstream at optional interval. Dust and fines are collected in a filter bag.

Control cabinet

​PLC-unit for connecting up to 24 vacuum hopper loaders.

Vacuum pump

​Avalible in sizes from 2,2 kW up to 11 kW. Side channel pump with reverse valve for automatic cleaning of central filter.


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